Monday, November 9, 2009

That's why the lady is a champ ....

There is nothing like a level playing field. And that my friends is just what the Bill Taylor Trophy event offers at Calliope.

It is a series of races ,where your age and gender is taken into account. The series consists of 1x800m, 1x1500m and 2x3000m races.

It is all made possible by the wonders of the Howard Grubb age-grading factors calculator.

And yes folks ... here is a link to that very calculator.

"How does it work?" I hear you ask. Well the first event up in the series this Wednesday is a 1500.

Now let's say you are female and 41 years old and you run 5:35 for the 1500. You will score a percentage of 74.12% (don't forget to click the F button!).

And don't go all wobbly at the knees because a little maths is involved!

Let's say we have a male of 59 who runs 5:58 for the 1500. He will score 72.73% and thus the female is the champ in this scenario.

She has run comparatively better taking into account the factors of age and gender.

Simple as that folks. But wait there's more ....

Even walkers can compete!! Garrison at 56 walks 1500 in 9:15 (walking properly that is - not like those cheats in the Auckland Marathon!!).

He scores 67.33%

So you can bet your bottom dollar that the Calliope track will be crowded with folks of all genders and ages this Wednesday night.

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